The emblematic Kililmanjaro raises at 5 891m and emerges from the surrounding savannah.

Africa’s highest point and world’s highest stand-alone mountain, the Kilimanjaro is composed of three volcanoes : the Shira (West), the Mawenzi (East) and the Kibo.

Kibo’s peak is named  “Uruhu” (freedom in Swahili).  Its famous icecap summit is in accelerated withdrawal. Sadly, it will probably have completely disappeared by 2050.

We suggest that you climb the Kili in seven days, with an extra acclimatization day, so that you have every chance to reach Uruhu’s peak.

Your support team will be composed of experienced professional duiges, Kilimanjaro specialists, porters and cook.

Climing the Kili does not require and specific moutaineering skills. However, its summit is hard-earned, therefore you mus be inscellent health and physical condition to reach Uruhu peak.

Tanzania Safari Treks Kilimajaro

MoUnt Meru

Mount Meru, standing at 4 565 m overlooks the city of Arusha.

Its centre is composed of a vast cadera of 5 km in diameter.

Climbing Mount Meru is clearly less demanding than the Kili. However, the ascent is varied and the views are spectacular.

Tanzania Safari Treks Meru

ol doinyo lengai

Together with Maasai warriors, you will start your trek in the middle of the night. You will reach the crater rim at dawn.

Climbing Ol Doinyo Lengai is not an easy exercise : you will ascend steep slopes, through stones and ashes of this active volcano.

Once at the top, you will enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding plains.

A true African adventure !

Tanzania Safari Treks Ol Doynio Lengai
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