Your satisfaction, our success

About us

Swiss professionals of travels organisation, we too have been a first time tourists in Tanzania !

You will benefit from all our tips & tricks,  and field advice.

Our in-depth knowledge of the country and of its various cultures is hard to match!

We pride ourselves in giving you the best advice, always…

Your holiday

You are unique, so is your trip ! We organise personalised travels ONLY. Therefore, we will ensure that we have fully understood your wishes and needs before we draft your itinerary.

We ONLY recommend establishments that we know personally; we have selected them for their many qualities (from back-packer to ultra-luxurious 5*).

We work directly with our suppliers locally, without go-betweens, which is evident in our prices.

travel serenely

You will go on your holiday with an ULTRA-COMPLETE TRIP FILE, that will namely comprise our useful recommendations in terms of :

health & safety
what do to & not to do
managing your money in Tanzania
list of medication
what to pack

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