Our Ways of Working

Our network, our knowledge, our contacts as well as the information that we have gathered over the years are the foundations of our business.

First contact

Our first contact is totally free.

You will then share your wishes, your desires, your needs and your constraints.

I will ensure that I have fully understood which type of holiday you want so that I can draft your personalised itinerary, that meets your expectations.


We will then start drafting your personalised itinerary.

Next, we will share with you our draft offer and we will discuss it.

After that, we will modify our offer to your liking, until you start looking forward to going on your holiday !

Of course, I ♥ my job.....

This being said, the meticulous drafting of a detailed offer requires several hours of work.

All work deserves to be rewarded!

Therefore, we will require a flat fee of CHF 200 after our initial draft, and before we start working on the details. It will evidently be deducted from the total price of your holiday, once you confirm with us.

How much does it cost ?

Pricing factors

  • Number of days (safari & Zanzibar)
  • Number of people (adults, children)
  • Time and place of arrival
  • Season (low, mid, high)
  • Hotel / lodges standard
  • Availability
  • Domestic airlines tariffs
  • National parcs tariffs
  • Currencies exchange rates

Note that the choice of your travel period is crucial, particularly for Zanzibar !

As for your safari, even during the “long rains” season, you will see a lot of animals.

We will discuss this in full transparency.

Pricing exercise

ESTIMATE for a 6 nights safari in Northern Tanzania and 7 nights in Zanzibar, for 2 adults, mid-season, including domestic flights and transfers. Price estimate per person (not binding), without intercontinental flights :

Camping safari and lodge on the beach  (B&B) without swimming pool in Zanzibar : from USD 3000

Mid-range : safari in lodges and tented lodges, nice beach lodge (B&B) in Zanzibar, without swimming pool  : from USD 3500

Mid-range + : safari in lodges and tented lodges, hotel or lodge with swimming pool in Zanzibar (B&B) from USD 4300

High-end : safari in lodges and tented lodges, hotel 5* in Zanzibar (or equivalent), HB scheme : from USD 7100

It is also possible to book luxurious hotels during your safari (there’s a Four Seasons in the middle of the Serengeti !), to fly from one national parc to the other, to fly over the Serengeti in a hot-air balloon….

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