And… why would you travel with us ?


Professional or travels organisation, I too have been a first time tourist in Tanzania !

You will benefit from all my tips and tricks as well as European reflexions !

I will be available H24 for you during your trip, from Switzerland.

Moreover, I can also accompany and assist you during your holiday ! (which I automatically do for groups of 10 people and over).



Unmatched safari professional and outstanding driver-guide, Rajaï has an astonishing expertise of the local fauna and flora.

His service-minded and “can do” attitude, his devoted and joyful personality will undoubtedly charm you. (incidentally, if he does not  make you smile at least once a day, I shall treat you with a box of Swiss chocolates when you return !)

Our Team

Our in-depth knowledge of the country and of its various cultures is hard to match !

With us, no doublespeak ! We favour transparency.

Of course, we run a business… but not at any price ! For instance, we will not send you to Zanzibar during the heavy rain season…).

Your satisfaction is our success ! 

Your holiday

You are unique, so is your trip ! We organise personalised travels ONLY. Therefore, I will ensure that I have fully understood your wishes and needs before I draft your itinerary.

At Tanzania Travels, we ONLY recommend establishments that we know personally; we have selected them for their many qualities (from back-packer to ultra-luxurious 5*).

We work directly with our suppliers locally, without go-betweens, which is evident in our tariffs.

Travel serenely

You will go on your holiday with an ULTRA-COMPLETE TRIP FILE, that will namely comprise our useful recommendations in terms of :

  • health
  • safety
  • managing your money in Tanzania
  • List of medication
  • What to pack
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