I recently travelled to Tanzania, spent the night in Dar es Salaam before flying to Kimilmanaro early the next morning.

In the waiting room, the flight is announced in both Swahili and English, their sound system is somewhat crackling and i don’t grasp the flight number… The waiting travellers move towards the gate, where a young man rather distractedly  he’s on the phone – harvests the boarding passes with a smile ! I ask him whether this is my flight, he nods grinning…

I board the Aircraft, place my (too) numerous bacs in the luggage compartment, settle down, listen to the security briefing, when a stewardess asks :

  • Is Geneviève on board ?
  • Yes, it’s me ….
  • You’re on the wrong aircraft, does she say !
  • But.. i’ve asked your colleague at the gate and he told me that i was !
  • Very sorry Madam, my colleague made a mistake

I get out of the plane, back to the waiting space, meet the young man who tells me “truly sorry, Madame, have a nice day !” with a huge smile on his face !

Everything works ! Not in the way that we are accusomed to, but everything works all the same 🙂

All you need is a good sense of humour and trust !


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